Child Nutrition is of great importance to me. I provide good quality, home cooked food on a daily basis. I am a strong believer in the government’s5 a Day’ campaign and talk with the children about what makes up a portion and how they can make sure that they get their five portions every day.

I encourage the children to try foods, fruits and vegetables that they may not have tried before. I also engage the children in the preparation of food to share with them my passion for good food. This includes making cakes, making pizzas or just helping to prepare lunch.

Depending on what time of day your child is with me I can provide breakfast, lunch and an after-school snack.

Pureed baby food and made up formula or breast milk bottles need to be provided from home. If your child has any dietary needs please make me aware and these will be catered for.

Fruit is always available. For example: apples, pears, bananas and grapes.

Children are provided with milk,
Squash (low sugar variety only) or water to drink freely throughout the day. I rely on parents letting me know what they prefer or I can vary their intake.

Mealtime as a social occasion

We always sit down to eat as a group at the table. Babies and small children are sat in appropriate highchairs/boosters. The children help by laying the table and are encouraged to serve themselves and others. We talk as a group about our day and discuss whatever the children want to talk about. I promote good manners e.g. not speaking whilst someone else is speaking, not talking with food in our mouths, the use of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and using knives and forks. We all sit at the table until everybody has finished.

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